Friday, April 29, 2016

WRITE: Sawa Bona - I See You

How many times do we ask, "How are you?" and how often do we respond, “I’m fine?"

I've caught myself saying I’m fine when I’m really more or less than fine. 
It's just what people say, right?

Some people in South Africa greet each other in this way:

One person says, "Sawa bona," which means, "I see you."
And the other responds, "Sikhona," which means "I am here."

Sawa bona, I see you.

Sikhona, I am here.

Being seen...
being here, 
being acknowledged, 
being recognized, 
and ultimately, 
being loved. 

Being seen means being loved. 

When someone sees me, my strengths and my weaknesses, my beauty and my flaws, who I am on the inside as much as on the outside, and still cares about me and believes in me - that's love.

I've been making an effort to slow down, to make eye contact, to put other things aside when I'm talking to another person. Whether it's technology or another distraction, I'm trying to be more careful about being present and showing people that I'm here and I see them.

Let's Write! Write about what it feels like when someone truly sees you. What do they do that makes you feel seen? How might you practice "seeing" people more in your life? How might our relationships be different if we were more conscious to see others?

Thanks for stopping in!
I see you! I am glad you are here.

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