Monday, April 11, 2016

READ: The Art of Asking

I find power in others telling their stories and 
I hope you do too!
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You may have seen my post about Amanda Palmer's Ted Talk The Art of Asking. It's definitely one of my favorites. Her honesty and raw-ness is fascinating. I could listen to her talk forever. Luckily, she wrote a book where the expands upon the ideas she shares in her Ted Talk. 

On Sunday I ran into a friend who I haven't seen since last June. She walked up to me at Starbucks and when as soon as I registered who she was, I jumped up and gave her a big hug. And then I was so excited I had to give her another hug. 

I love people. As an extrovert, I get energy from others. If I could just hang out with my friends all day, it would be awesome. I've learned that I still love my quiet time and need downtime to decompress. Whether you're an extrovert like me or an introvert, I believe we all want to feel included.

Amanda explains,
"Here's the thing:
all of us come 
from some place 
of wanting to be seen, 
understood, accepted, connected."

I'm really loving blogging here at Story Exploratory and I hope you enjoy it too. I mean for it to be a space where you feel welcomed and invited and valued and seen. Thank you for stopping in!

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