Tuesday, April 12, 2016

The One With a Spiky Sunflower #sol16

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Kid artwork makes me smile. 

A kid grinning ear to ear about his artwork fills my heart.  
Doesn't his little face just make you happy?

Here's a close-up!
I love his spiky sunshine-y sunflower so much. It reminds me of him: full of energy and lots of spunk. There is never a boring day with this kiddo. 

My slice of life this week isn't profound except to say that I adore my kids and it makes my heart swell to see them feel proud of work they have done. And I think most parents probably feel the same. Parenting isn't easy but these are the moments that will stand out, these are the moments that make it all worth it, these are the moments we feel like we get to shine through them. 

Teaching isn't easy either. We get the students we are given, even the spiky sunflowers in the bunch, and we do our best to encourage them and help them grow. And hopefully we have moments like this when they beam with pride at what they have accomplished and we get to shine through them. 

Watch for those moments. 
Take a deep breath and cherish them.
These are the moments to remember.

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