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I'm so excited to share my ebook: My Story Is Here: Be Present and Explore Your Story. It's a short introduction to exploring your story and I hope you enjoy it. Simply fill out the form below to subscribe to my newsletter, confirm your subscription, and I'll send you the link.

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  1. Your blog is informative and lively. Thanks for sharing! I am a retired school librarian, an unpublished middle grade writer, an elementary school volunteer and a grandmother to two middle grade boys. I love to read the books you recommend. Also a blogger for adult and children's books, I am trying to find the balance to complete all the projects I want to finish.

  2. Thanks for recommending Skylark and Wallcreeper. This story also shows the bond between a grandmother and granddaughter (both very brave!) and respect for older women who have a lifetime of stories to tell! 💕

  3. I love your blog Jen, your perspective is so interesting. And your site is full of inspiration and great ideas! Keep writing!

  4. LOVE,love, love your blog! Keep up the great work! from one Guatemalan to another... very proud of you.

  5. Tell My Story with Former Navy Seal “Jimmy Watson” speaks on all aspects of life with his incredible illustrative story telling talent. You can also visit for more info: Tell My Story


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