Monday, April 4, 2016

READ: The Crossroads of Should and Must

In the last five years, I've had three new-to-me jobs and changed school districts. When I first started teaching, I was pretty sure I was going to be a special education teacher forever. And here I am still in education but definitely in a different career path than I expected. 

I'm a blogger and a writer. My dreams of connecting with other writers has expanded in the past few years. And here I am with two blogs devoted to writing - one dedicated to education and one a bit broader. 

How did I get here? It was my first job change that forced me to examine my shoulds and my musts. When I left teaching, I realized I had moved into a position that I felt I should work hard at. I'm a dedicated worker, I put my heart into my work and doing my best. But I realized what I must be spending my time on is really my family and my writing and my yoga practice. My shoulds and my musts weren't matching up.  

This book is full of suggestions for how to recognize your shoulds and zone in on your musts...and then helpful ideas for how to relish and make the most of your must - to follow your passions. It's awesome!

This book is vibrant and inspiring and grounding at the same time. It reads quickly but it's powerful. If you think you know your shoulds and your musts or if you think you might need some help opening your eyes to your shoulds and your musts, this book is for you! Just think about this quote:

"If you're not prioritizing the things you say you care about,
consider the possibility that you don't actually care about those things.
Often, knowing what we want is the hardest part. 
What do you want? Do you know?" (p. 97)

There's a power in writing to uncover your shoulds and your musts. Writing helps me see into my heart and I'm sure it can help you. 

I find power in others telling their stories and I hope you do too!
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  1. What inspiring words and a great reminder to all of us! Very well said and it sounds like it's a book that is powerful with lessons that will be very meaningful!

    1. As a sketchnoter, I think you would like it even more! I like the lettering she uses to add quotes and other drawings to the book!


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