Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Introducing John Green Week January 3-10

Jen first heard about John Green Week on YA Bibliophile and after hearing about it, we knew we had to take part it in!  John Green Week is a feature that is being hosted by a ton of bloggers including Melanie of Reclusive Bibliophile to help celebrate John Green in anticipation of his newest book, The Fault in our Stars, which releases on January 10th. Jen and I are both so excited to take part in this week celebrating one of our favorite authors! 

To start off this joyous week of celebration and to set the mood, we will now show you 
the brilliance of John Green by sharing some of our favorite quotes 
from his novels and favorite videos from Vlogbrothers: 

Looking for Alaska
“So I walked back to my room and collapsed on the bottom bunk, 
thinking that if people were rain, I was drizzle and she was a hurricane.”

“At some point, you just pull off the Band-Aid, and it hurts, but then it's over and you're relieved.” 

“That is the fear: I have lost something imporatnt, and I cannot find it, and I need it. 
It is fear like if someone lost his glasses and went to the glasses sotre and 
they told him that the world had run out of glasses and he would just have to do without.” 

“Have you really read all those books in your room?” 
Alaska laughing- “Oh God no. I’ve maybe read a third of ‘em. But I’m going to 
read them all. I call it my Life’s Library. Every summer since I was little, 
I’ve gone to garage sales and bought all the books that looked interesting. 
So I always have something to read.” 

Paper Towns
“When did we see each other face-to-face? Not until you saw into my cracks and I saw into yours. Before that, we were just looking at ideas of each other, like looking at your window shade but never seeing inside. But once the vessel cracks, the light can get in. The light can get out.” 

“I'm not saying that everything is survivable. Just that everything except the last thing is.” 

An Abundance of Katherines
"Books are the ultimate Dumpees: put them down and they’ll wait for you forever; 
pay attention to them and they always love you back.”

“What is the point of being alive if you don't at least try to do something remarkable?” 

Let It Snow
“I responded to this development with the kind of sophisticated language for which I am famous. 
'Crap crap crap crap crap crap crap stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid crap.'"

“Once you think a thought, it is extremely difficult to unthink it.” 

Will Grayson, Will Grayson
“Maybe there's something you're afraid to say, or someone you're afraid to love, 
or somewhere you're afraid to go. It's gonna hurt. It's gonna hurt because it matters.” 

“When things break, it's not the actual breaking that prevents them from getting 
back together again. It's because a little piece gets lost - the two remaining ends 
couldn't fit together even if they wanted to. The whole shape has changed.” 

“You like someone who can't like you back because unrequited love 
can be survived in a way that once-requited love cannot. ”


Then behind all of these books, John is part of a very popular You Tube channel- The Vlogbrothers.  Some of my favorite Vlogbrother's videos (with John) include: 
Vlogbrother FAQ (a video that helped me jump into Nerdfightia when I learned about Vlogbrothers)

This week we have many different things schedule for you.  Today we shared some of our favorite quotes from John Green novels, just to get us in the mood.  Tomorrow, I will share my experiences at NCTE/ALAN where I saw John Green speak twice and was lucky enough to meet him.  This will be followed by book reviews of Let it SnowPaper Towns, and Will Grayson, Will Grayson.  We will finish up the week by doing a mini-review of the first 2 chapters of TFioS to help everyone get excited.  


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