Saturday, December 3, 2011

Bit of Me(Me) 12/3/11

 It is again time for the holiday season! From Thanksgiving to New Year's is my favorite time of the year! All of the family and the food and the gifts and the FUN music, how can you go wrong? Now, Jen has posed a good question about something that used to be a constant staple of the holiday season...

How do you feel about holiday cards? Do you send them? Do you refuse to send them? Do you get them out on time?!

Now, I am a big fan of anything that helps spread holiday cheer; however, I think that holiday cards are something that has left us some with the addition of technology. Now-a-days it has become perfectly acceptable to only send an e-card or a text message to wish someone a happy holiday. 

Now, I a fan of the e-card.  It saves trees and does the same thing as holiday cards. Also, they are sometimes even more fun than the regular holiday cards because they can be animated and sing!  They are so much fun.  And on top of that, they often can be found for free. Lastly, you can wait until the last minute and they still get to where you are sending them on time.  Now, the only downfall is for the sentimental types  who like to keep cards (like me!), because e-cards normally expire.   

As for the mass text messages wishing everyone in your phone a happy holiday, I have mixed feelings. I like the easiness of it, but it seems so impersonal.  But I think it is the wave of the future. Between texting, Facebook and Twitter the individualized holiday greetings seem to be moving towards nonexistent.   Now I don't think that people have moved to this trend because the caring is less; I think that we have moved toward this trend because our world has a different way of keeping in touch and showing we care. 

Thanks for the question, Jen :) To read others' posts and link up, visit Crystal's blog at I Totally Paused 

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