Wednesday, March 30, 2016

WATCH: Big Hero 6

As friends head off to Disney for spring break, I dream of being there too. I rarely see my kids as excited and happy as they were when we took them to Disney World last summer!

Maybe you've been to Disney World lately...maybe you haven't.

Maybe you're planning a trip there soon...maybe you aren't.

Maybe, either way, you'll join me in some Disney fun!

In this clip from Big Hero 6, you'll watch as Hiro is desperate to get into his brother's school but in order to do so he needs a spectacular idea to prove they should accept him. 

I use this clip from Big Hero 6 any time I talk to writers about keeping a writer's notebook, the work of paying attention to the world around you and finding ideas, and free writing. Here's the Haiku Deck I use if you're interested to see how it fits into this bigger discussion. 

Free Write - Writer's Notebooks - Created with Haiku Deck, presentation software that inspires

Watch and notice what happens even when Hiro is so so so so ready for an idea. Does this ever happen to you? How are you similar or different in Hiro in not giving up? What do you think of his brother's advice and what does it look like in your writing life?

Watch and think about how you focus your writer's eye and what you do with ideas when you spot them. Do they go into your phone? Into a writer's notebook? Onto a napkin? Do you write about them? Just jot a note? Draw them?

Thanks for being reflective today, 
looking at your life as a writer, and exploring your story with me today!
I'm glad you are here.

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  1. Thanks for this post, Jen! I love all of the connections & your Haiku Deck is inspiring! I love noticing the world and collecting ideas. I'm often surprised when I look back at old notebooks.
    Happy writing,


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