Saturday, March 5, 2016

JOIN: Celebrate This Week - It's March!?

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It's March! How is it March!? I can't believe it's March. I'm not sure where the winter went! I think I was busy taking care of our puppy that it just passed me by. I've still been reading and writing and full-time jobbing and momming too.

Just look at how much she has grown! The first picture was posted when she was first taken in at the shelter. It was the picture I spotted when a friend shared the shelter's post on Facebook and the picture that made me fall in love with her. 

Friends warned me having a puppy would be a lot of work and it still is. But now she's almost six months old and she has learned so much! We saw some puppies at an adoption event today (that I just had to hold and snuggle with) and it helped me stop and reflect and look how far we have come. I would say that hardest part was after her spay. Having to deal with the cone and the bandages was annoying and I thought those two weeks were never going to end...but they did and now we're at the dog park all the time and she loves it as much as I do. 
It seems like a lot of my Saturday celebration posts are puppy focused lately! But honestly, having her in my life is monumental. I've wanted a dog since before we even got married (and we celebrate our 11th anniversary this summer). And now I have a puppy and she is a lot of work but she's so sweet at the same time. 

She helps me stop and think about how awesome life is. 
She helps me stop and reflect on how fast things change. 
She helps me stop and check my emotions. 

Writing helps me through all of these things too. 

When I write, I stop and think about how awesome life is. I get to celebrate it and make it come to life in my own writing - whether I'm retelling an event that happened in real life or bringing real life to a fictional story.

When I write, I stop and reflect on how fast things change. I've only been really really focusing on my writing for about five years now. Oh, how fast things change! I've written so much and learned so much and experienced so much thanks to writing. And how many friends I've made by living a writing life.

When I write, I stop and check my emotions. I have to put my emotions into my words. But I have to keep my emotions out of the mix as much as possible when it comes to my querying life. Or, I should say, I've learned to recognize my emotions and to accept and deal with them as I navigate next steps in my writing life. Perdi definitely helps me with this! But going back to writing that I love helps too. 
So that's how I find myself wondering how I made it to March! I was busy and it surprised me! But I'm glad for it. I'm ready for warm weather and the anticipation of summer! Bring it on!

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