Monday, March 28, 2016

READ: The Little Book of Mindfulness

Last year a friend sent a copy of Flow magazine to me as a gift and I discovered mindfulness and the power of it's potential. It was a major inspiration for Story Exploratory and I do believe taking time to be aware of everything around us truly our perspective and how we perceive life. 

I found this sweet book near the checkout at my local bookstore. It's a small book full of exercises in mindfulness. 
One of my favorite activities is to practice gratitude by writing down something you appreciate from the day. The book notes, 

"Studies show that the regular practice
of gratitude and appreciation, 
including writing down 
the experiences you feel grateful for,
can lead to better health, 
less stress and 
a more optimistic outlook on life."

Another idea to end the day is to write down your "EGS" for the day:

"what did you Enjoy today,
what are you grateful for,
and what are you Satisfied with?"

I like how these two ideas work together but also how the second gives some guidelines for how to focus your thoughts on not just being grateful but also on recognizing what was fun during your day and what you can feel content with even if it maybe wasn't the absolute best day of your life...because not every day can be you absolute best day ever. 

We can appreciate all the days we are given!

I appreciate you and that you stopped by to read my words!
What are you reading today?

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  1. Created a notebook in One Note where I type Something I appreciate from the day and jot down my EGS's :)

  2. The plan is to make this part of my daily going to bed routine! :)


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