Monday, March 14, 2016

Be Present - #mystoryishere

Be Present

Everyone is busy these days. Busy busy busy. So much to do. So little time. Continual pressure to get it all done is the new normal. And though we hate being stretched too thin, we pride ourselves on how important we are. After all, people want things from us, need us, couldn't do it without us. If everyone is busy but you aren't, then you must be a nobody.

Well, I've got something to say about that. Being busy isn't so cool after all. 

I've been busy. 
I've been tricked into thinking busy is where it's at. 
I've been burnt out on being busy. 

Being busy means "having a great deal to do". 
Working, hard at work, occupied.

Stop being busy. 

Start being aware of all you get to experience in life. 

Being present means "being in a particular place". 
Here, near, available. 

We are all works in progress. Slowing down to be present allows us to see who we are, what we love, and ultimately where it's best to spend our energy. 

Be present. Explore your story.  

When we write, we take a snapshot of a snippet in time. We stop being so damn occupied and instead open ourselves up to the power of being present and the potential to be great. Screw being busy, revel in each and every moment.

Start here. Put pen to paper or fingers to keys. Write about the here and now. Write about what is near to your heart. Write about all that is available to you in this moment. Appreciate the people, places, sounds, smells, joy all around you. Celebrate everything that gives you energy. Let your hopes and dreams tumble out onto the page or screen. 

I'd love to read what you've noticed in this fine moment! Whether it's what you've written or how you feel about having written or something else entirely, comments are welcome! Thanks for stopping by to explore your story with me!

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    1. Jen--this is so true! I love your manifesto. I am still struggling over how to focus mine. You are so right that if we just slow down the story has more room to grow out of us.


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