Sunday, January 27, 2013

TMT's Book and Bookmark Swap Sign Up!

On Thursday, we announced our plan to host book and bookmark swaps throughout the year! In looking at comments and tweets, it seems like many people are excited to join in!

The first theme for our book and bookmark swap will be your favorite book or a book you think everyone should read. We invite you to choose any book in the children's literature to young adult age range and from any format from picture books to graphic novels to novels.

If you want to participate, please complete the form below. We do ask that you only fill out the form if you can wholeheartedly commit to the swap. It's no fun if someone doesn't get their book and bookmark. The timeline and expectations are below. Please read them over before your seal the deal.

Here is the timeline for our first swap:

Sign-up opens: 1/27/13 (see below)
Sign-up closes: 2/3/13
Receive name and information: 2/10/13
Mail your book and bookmark: 2/24/13

Choose one or both:
Send picture(s) of the book and bookmark you receive to us: 3/12/13
Post picture(s) of the book and bookmark you receive on your blog: 3/14/13
*We will share a slideshow of the pictures and have a linky so you can link your blog posts.*

We hope you are ready for some good ol' bookish fun! Sign up below!

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