Thursday, January 24, 2013

TMT's 2013 Bookmark/Book Swaps

When 2013 started, Jen and I had a chat about some fun things we wanted to do this year and one of the ideas we had was to do bookmark/book swaps. We started brainstorming, and decided that it was definitely something we wanted to try. Today, I am so excited to share with you how it'll work and hopefully get you all hyped up for it! 

We decided that we would host 4 swaps this year- one per season. For each swap, you will be assigned a person who you will mail a book and a matching bookmark to. The bookmark can be handmade or purchased. Each swap will have a theme to keep in mind when picking the book and bookmark. 

On the day we introduce the swap, there will be a form to sign up on. After the sign-up closes, Jen and I will send you an e-mail of who your swapper will be for that round as well as their address. You'll then have 2 weeks to purchase the book and make/purchase the bookmark then mail it. We'll then have a day for all of us to open them at the same time followed by a blog post a few days later where Jen and I will share everyone's goodies. We'll ask you to send photos of your prize to us so we can use it on the post. You can also post on your blog that day and link up on our blog. 

I am so excited for this! And I hope you are too! 
Jen will be introducing our Winter Swap on Sunday, 
so please come back then to sign up and learn what our first theme is!

Winter Swap Sign-up


  1. Love this idea! How will we know if the person hasn't already read the book though? So many great books have been suggested here.


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