Thursday, January 10, 2013

Kellee's 2013 Un-Boring List

Jen has inspired me. I sometimes have trouble breaking loose and getting away from routine as I like consistency; so, when Jen published her 2013 Bookish Un-Boring List it really pushed me to do my own Un-Boring list. Now, I started off wanting to make a bookish or educational list, but it turned into more of a personal one though it does include some educational and bookish elements. Without further ado....

Kellee's 2013 Un-Boring List

1. Work on writing a professional book

2. Go to a comic book store on Free Comic Book Day

3. Go to a comedy club

4. Visit Winter the Dolphin in Clearwater

5. See manatees at Blue Springs National Park

6. Go see a Daytona Cubs game

7. Read outside more

8. Volunteer somewhere

9. Watch PBS's Sherlock Holmes 
(per my promise to Lauren Myracle)

10. Visit all (or most) of the used bookstores in Orlando 
and hopefully find one I like

Extra. Join Jen in releasing books into the wild through 
Book Crossing to celebrate Donalyn Miller's new book 
Reading in the Wild out in 2013

What is something you hope to do in 2013? Did you write your own Un-Boring list? Share below :)

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