Saturday, June 18, 2016

JOIN: Say Cheese - Character Snapshots

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Two weeks ago my husband surprised me with a mini-shoot with a photographer for some family pictures. We were pretty adventurous and took the dog with us...and she did better in some pictures than in others but overall I'm so happy with how the pictures turned out. I just love my sweet family. My boys crack me up. They are so different and yet so full of their own unique personalities.
I might take a day this summer and write down everything they say, just watch them and make note of their mannerisms and the phrases they say all the time. My oldest just turned nine and my youngest will turn six soon. We had so many firsts with these kiddos when they were babies but there are still so many firsts worth noticing and celebrating and remembering. 
My youngest just this week started going down the big slides and jumping off the diving board at our local waterpark. On his first jump off the diving board, he walked to the end of the board, smiled, gave me two thumbs up, and jumped a giant cannonball jump, his face scrunched up in happy expectation of hitting the water. After he splashed into the crystal pool and his little head popped up out of the water, he doggy paddled to the edge. I laughed the whole time at his pure pride and shook my head as he danced his way back into line.

Everyone is full of his or her own personality if we stop and notice. This week I'm stopping to celebrate these little people in my family who bring us so much joy. Thanks for stopping by to celebrate with me!

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