Friday, June 19, 2015

Poetry Friday - Rock, Paper, Scissors

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I've got another song for Poetry Friday today....but I just can't help myself. I adore this song. It's catchy, it's different, it's smart. I'm making a big change this summer. I'm leaving the school district I have worked in for thirteen years and I'll be starting in a new district in the fall. It's such a huge, major shift and I'm so very excited. 

Of course, with any kind of change, I'm grateful for the people who help me find the positive in the change because I think that's what it's all about. Any situation can be seen from different perspectives. I value my optimism and believe it makes life a lot more fun. I'm happy to not dwell on the not-so-good things and instead to celebrate the good things. If something goes wrong, I would much rather asses the situation, make the choice that seems best, and move forward. 

Sometimes people say, "It was meant to be." And maybe that's another way of looking at things. But I like the sentiment in Rock, Paper, Scissors because it reminds me that I have a choice. Whatever choice I make is one I'll have to live with. There might not be a wrong or a right, there is just a choice. Even when I lay out the pros and cons and look at everything from every possible angle, sometimes I decide to go with what feels right and make the best of it. 

We are all iterative; assessing, making choices that seem best, and moving forward until we see the need to pivot again. I love looking at life this way because it means that if you pick one choice and it doesn't work out, there is always time enough for another choice and to continue to learn and grow. There's some solace in that and this song is a great reminder to me of how important it is to know that we make decisions that we have to live with but that doesn't mean we can't make another decision that will take us in another direction. 

It does feel like this new position opened up at exactly the right time and that I was ready for a change at exactly the right time and that I have the right kind of experience at exactly the right time. But I know that I made decisions in my life that led me to this place and I know that I still have work to do to prove that I'm exactly right for this position. In the end, it's up to me. 

Rock, Paper, Scissors

Everything you want, everything you do
Everything and anything is up to you
Every single day starts with a riddle
You can go left or right, down the middle

So take a little trip down road and see
What you gonna find, who you want to be
But you have to pick between the three

Rock, paper, scissors
Which one is it? It's your decision
And no matter what you choose,
You're gonna live it
Rock, paper, scissors

Everybody wants to be happy, so
Take a look around, find a hand to hold
If you really want you can change like the weather
And no matter what you do it'll keep getting better

Everything you want that is who you are
You can be the sun and the moon and the stars
Or the bass or the drums or the lead guitar

Rock, paper, scissors
Which one is it? It's your decision
And no matter what you choose,
You gonna live it
Rock, paper, scissors

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