Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The One With Wordless Picture Books #slice2014

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Recently, a friend was looking for books for two kiddos who speak Portuguese as their first language. She wanted to add to their home library and encourage the parents to read aloud to the children. As we wandered the book store, she told me more about the kids and I made mental lists of books for each of them.

The more we talked, the more she worried about the kids being able to read the books and if they would be at the right level for them. I had to stop and remind her that reading aloud is as about sharing the stories and that it was okay for the parents to read the story to the kids. But then I realized what would be great would be wordless picture books where no one would be caught up in the words. The parents and the kids could both tell the story using the pictures and not feel bad about not being able to read the words. 

I also had someone ask me for ideas for reluctant writers a couple weeks ago. I had a few ideas and one of them was sharing a wordless picture book together, talking through the story and then letting them write out their own version of the story. Wordless picture books offer a perfect opportunity to talk and share stories, to be imaginative and creative.

Last year was a great year for wordless picture books if you look at the Caldecott Honor winners but there are some favorites we have from previous years too. Here are wordless picture books we love in our house and/or that I have used with students:

Do you have any wordless picture books to add to this list? I'm excited for Molly Idle and Flora and the Penguin which will be out in September. Please share any of your favorite wordless picture books!

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