The One With My Best Friend's Wedding...Almost #slice2014

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Alison and I have been friends since high school when we were in Freshman English together first period. From that very first day of school, we have been friends and shared so much of our lives with each other. In June, I'm excited to make a very special trip to Boston because she is getting married. Over the weekend, she was in town for her wedding shower. I joined her and her family friends to celebrate and talk about plans for her big day.
As I hugged her on Saturday, I thought of all the memories we share. From acting out Romeo and Juliet from English class and critiquing each other's papers to camping and rock climbing, summer mission trips in Missouri and Kentucky to touring Italy, visiting each other in college and after college, going sailing on Lake Michigan and trampolining with my family.  
It's amazing how many memories a person can stack up, file away in one's heart, hidden until a hug, a smile, a perfect spring day brings them all back. I'm so happy for Alison and thankful I am able to make the trip to Boston next month to be there for her wedding. What are some of your favorite memories with long-time friends? I would love to hear what stories come to mind!


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