Friday, October 18, 2013

Poetry Friday - On Speaking Up

Poetry Friday is hosted by Cathy Mere at Merely Day By Day today! Be sure to stop over and check out all the Poetry Friday posts!

Today, I thought I would share one of my own poems. I haven't written much poetry in my life but thanks to Poetry Friday, I wrote some haiku and even an ode to William Carlos Williams

My inspiration for this poem came last week when I had someone admit to me that she didn't like reading. I know many people dislike reading (or just haven't found the right book, according to me) but to hear this from a teacher breaks my heart just a little bit...fine, it breaks my heart a lot. I started talking to her about finding a book to love and asking her what kind of television or movies she really enjoyed. And that was pretty much the extent of our conversation. But then I realized that after our conversation, I found myself thinking about her again and again. I wish I had talked to her even more about her dislike of reading and I realized so many things that I would ask or say now! It led me to write the following poem:

A Loss For Words

There are times
when someone says something
so shocking
that I'm at 
a loss for words

I can't stop thinking about it

I think of 
what I should have said
in the first place

A witty response
A challenging response
A listen-here response
A tell-me-more response

How often do I experience this
but never go back to say what
I wish I could have said
should have said
would have said
if only I hadn't been so flabbergasted

I lose sleep
processing it all

The person
who sent me into this spiral
surely has no clue
thinks about it no more
doesn't know their impact on me

I wish I could find my voice
when this happens
but in the moment
that's easier said than done

I vow
to not just let it go
I'll call
I'll write
I'll take him or her to lunch

I'll go back to the conversation
ask lots of questions
learn more about what he or she meant
share my thoughts
and hopefully help them 
see a different perspective
stretch their brains
think about their words

At least I can try.

Just me trying to process my thoughts and think about how I might manage my own thinking and response to others. Always thinking about my circle of influence! Happy Friday everyone!

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