Friday, July 12, 2013

Poetry Friday - A Bit of Haiku!

Michelle at Today's Little Ditty is gathering up all of our Poetry Friday posts this week. Be sure to check out what poems others have to share! I have loved sharing poetry the last few weeks!
Today I'm sharing a haiku from one of our favorite books, I Haiku You. Kellee and I reviewed I Haiku You in April to celebrate Screen Free Week with Random House and we have been in love with it ever since. At our house, we read it all the time. My kids ask for it before bed and love to chime in and finish their favorite lines. I asked Peanut to tell me which one was his favorite but he couldn't decide. I secretly know exactly which one is his favorite but couldn't get him to tell me which one he likes best. Little Bean likes them, too. Tonight he was asking me about sloppy-smoochy-poochy. That caught his attention tonight and we talked about our neighbor's dog, Milly, who is a pooch. Here's the haiku the Peanut and I love and know by heart:

from your button nose
to your little piggie toes,
i luv-a-dub you!

And just for fun, I wrote each of my kiddos a haiku after we finished reading I Haiku You tonight. My husband was listening in and after a few minutes said, "I thought you were going to make up haikus?" To which I replied, "Well, it's not that easy, I have to figure out all the syllables." I guess it took longer than it seemed like to me....but it isn't easy! Here's what I came up with:

six-year-old Peanut
my brave diving-board jumper
love to see you swim

three-year-old big boy
you're proud of your tiger roar
fiercely sweet spirit

Do you have a favorite type of poem? I found a great book about poetry structures that I'll share next week. I have an affinity to haiku. I just adore them and I Haiku You took that to a totally different level. 

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