Thursday, March 7, 2013

WRAD After Party

Three cheers for World Read Aloud Day 2013! We always love to celebrate read aloud on World Read Aloud Day because it's what we love to do any day of the year. Thank you to Litworld for encouraging everyone to read aloud and spread the love of reading by reading it forward. Go read aloud!

I love reading aloud because I love seeing my students excited about reading. Also, they are so enthralled and engaged when I am reading aloud. It doesn't matter what it is! Today, for World Read Aloud Day, I decided to celebrate Read Across America and Dr. Seuss's birthday as well since it was on a weekend this year. To accommodate both days, my class chose to read Oh the Places You'll Go!. I loved reading this to them, because afterwards we were able to discuss their future, making decisions as well as my confidence in them (which they don't always hear from the adults in their lives). Overall, WRAD was a huge success! 

Last night at our WRAD taco party, we read Dragons Love Tacos by Adam Rubin. I have to tell you that it was the most fun I have had reading aloud. I'm such a proud mom. I can't help it! When I see my kids having fun with friends and being goofy, it makes my heart swell. We had such an adorable discussion throughout the whole book and it was fantastic. Reading aloud is truly magical.

I also celebrated World Read Aloud Day 2013 by visiting two of my favorite preschool teachers: Ms. Stephanie and Ms. Erin. These two ladies are awesome and do so much for their students and our district. I took Waking Dragons by Jane Yolen to read to their students. Ms. Erin helped me out by being my dragon puppeteer (it was enough for me to hold the book and sign). She did a wonderful job of bringing our dragon to life! 
Miss Erin, our sleeping dragon and me!
Our dragon is waking up!
Dragons have to brush their teeth!
Waffles for breakfast for the dragons! Yum!
If you've ever wondered how to sign 'dragon' here it is! Wiggle your fingers so it looks like you are breathing fire! 
Dragons fly and fly!
You can see more of these beautiful kids on Miss Stephanie and Miss Erin's blogs.

How did you celebrate World Read Aloud Day! Please share!

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