Wednesday, March 6, 2013

WRAD 2013!!!!

World Read Aloud Day is here! I'm so excited to be celebrating reading aloud with Litworld again! This year's theme is Read It Forward and, as always, today is about grabbing the people around you and sharing a read aloud in hopes that the infectious fun of reading aloud spreads.

I've been participating in the WRAD blogging challenge for the last month and have enjoyed sharing my love of reading aloud and seeing what others have shared as well. Here's a quick recap if you are interested:

And now it's time to get to reading aloud and sharing books today! At our house, we actually had our WRAD party last night and I'll be reading aloud with two preschool classes today. We had a blast last night reading Dragons Love Tacos by Adam Rubin after chowing down on our own tacos and quesadillas. After a snowy day snuggling at home, my kids were ecstatic to have friends come over. We played limbo, pin the fire on the dragon, ate tacos and quesadillas, read Dragons Love Tacos and then had free time to play. 

I am proud to say our WRAD, dragon-loving, taco party was a huge success! The whole thing was fun but I loved the read aloud part the most. It's pretty amazing to see kids thinking about a story: desperate to have a turn to make a prediction, barely able to contain themselves wanting to make a connection out loud, or sharing what he or she would do if it was him or her in the book telling those dragons not to eat that spicy salsa. It was so fun. 


Ready to read aloud!

Happy World Read Aloud Day 2013!
Wherever you are, whomever you are with, I hope you find time to share a read aloud today!
Spread the love of read aloud wherever you go! 
Kellee and I will be back tomorrow to share more WRAD fun!

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