Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Waldo is Awesome!


Jen: I don’t know what to say about Waldo! I do remember just loving Waldo when I was a kid. My sister and I would pore over the pages of every Waldo book we owned. Both of my kids enjoy books like Waldo where you have to search for hidden objects. So far, we have only read books with simple things to find but, in honor of the 25th anniversary, I read the Where’s Waldo Now? with Peanut, my five-year-old son. He completely loved Waldo! Waldo still is cool all these years later. He was completely mesmerized and wanted to find Waldo. We also looked for Waldo’s friends and that was a lot of fun.  

Kellee: I cannot believe that Waldo has been around that long, but I do remember when the first book came out. I loved him from then on. I think Waldo was a fun escape, but still a way to keep your brain working. Waldo began as an afterthought, but became a star that is known by kids all over.  This means when I received Where’s Waldo?: The Search for the Lost Things I was so excited. What I liked about this newest Waldo book is that it is a mixture of classic Waldo activities, other activities and brain teasers including True/False, Crosswords, Word Ladders, Scrambles, Connect the Dots, Sodoku-esque, and Riddles. This activity book is definitely a Waldo book to the extreme.

Jen: You are so right! That’s a great way to describe it: “a Waldo book to the extreme.” It’s more interactive than ever. Did you know you can go and create your own Waldo avatar? I made them for my husband, my kids, and I a while ago and it was super fun. I just went and made another for myself. Here’s me Waldo-ified! And here’s the website if you want to try it! I know you do, Kellee!!!!

Kellee: So much fun! Here I am! 

It is very easy to get caught up in Waldo. He even has his very own wiki where you can find out all sorts of Waldo information.  You can learn about the different books, characters and the Waldo spin-offs. Did you know there was a TV show in the 90s?! I wish I had known so I could have watched it.

Jen: You know what would be super awesome? If a school did a Waldo day for one of their spirit week theme days! I think that would be sweet. Or if an entire school dressed as anything from a Waldo book for Halloween. Or if Waldo was the theme of prom. That would be fabulous.

Here are some people who did a Waldo-themed bike party! I’ve never even heard of a bike party...but why not do it dressed as Waldo! This would be a super fun literacy night theme.

Kellee: What a great idea. I think there are infinite possibilities about what you can do with Waldo. He is a great way to add some pizazz to anything while also promoting literacy.

Jen: You know, my sister just turned 27 over the weekend and I’m totally going to give her a copy of Where’s Waldo? The Search for the Lost Things when we get together to celebrate. I think she’ll love it. I’m super excited to see the look on her face. I know it’ll bring back great memories for her.

Kellee: My sister just turned 27 as well! It’d be so much fun to sit side by side searching for Waldo together again. This post is bringing back some wonderful memories. Isn’t it amazing how one book or one character can can forever trigger a memory or make you think of a certain person or place? Let’s hope Waldo keeps up this tradition for years to come.


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