Sunday, October 14, 2012

Comic Book Finds #1

Over the summer, I shared my story about the time I dragged my adventurous little family to Ann Arbor, Michigan for Kids Read Comics. While we were in Ann Arbor, we visited an amazing comic book store called Vault of Midnight. It was completely at the awesome end of the spectrum of comic book stores and blew the comic book store that we visited for free comic book day out of the water. I wish we had more time to look around for Peanut but Little Bean was acting like the two-year-old that he is and it was better for all parties involved that we just leave before any damage was done.

Lucky for Peanut and I, Dave Roman agreed to help us venture into a comic book store when he was recently in town. I was disappointed with the lack of kids comics at the store near us but willing to try a new comic book store. Dave recommended some great stores in Chicago but we decided not to drive all the way into the city. Instead, we found Graham Cracker Comics in Naperville. 
Right when we walked in, we found a few displays of kids' comics. (I soooooo should have taken pictures! It was kind of an overwhelming moment.) There was a whole display for the DC Super Pets series, a spin rack with kids' appropriate comics, a four sided stand with kids comics, and then one shelving unit section with kids' comics. It was like hitting the kids' comic jackpot. I can't explain how exciting it was. It was awesome to actually have options. And lots of them for a change.

I felt so relieved to see that kids' comics in comic book stores really do exist. Dave said it was great that they had all the kids' comics set up right near the door. As we were looking around, a boy about 12 years old walked in and picked out a comic for himself and then another one for his sister. We asked him what he was coming in to buy and he explained that he had one for himself and one for his sister. He totally seemed like a pro; he knew what he wanted, knew where to get it and paid for it in no time.

We took a little more time deciding what exactly we wanted...because we actually had things to choose from!!! It was fun. I'm so glad that we went and that we had a great experience. I'm not afraid to step foot into another comic book store now. (Yes, I totally was before.) I've realized that it's just like reading kid literature: you may not know where to start, but it doesn't matter. What matters is that you start. Just dive in. You can't make a mistake. Your worst mistake would not be giving it a chance.

There is a comic book store north of where my office is now and I'm excited to stop in. Like I said, I'm not afraid any more. I know there are kids' comics and now that I have actually found a few, I feel so confident that I can go in and ask them if they have them or if they can get them for me. It just took that one trip to a comic book store that did actually have a kids comic book section. It's silly now to stop and realize how nervous I was before, but it's really the truth. I think of myself as a risk-taker but comic book stores were very intimidating until now. 

Here are my steps to finding great kids' comics:

1. Google search comic book stores in your area.
2. Call ahead to ask them if they have a selection of kid-appropriate comics.
3. Stop in and check them out! Buy whatever grabs your attention. 

Here are some that we took home:

And here's a video of Peanut and I discussing these three comics we brought home!
I so appreciated everyone who chimed in when I wrote about my comics frustrations last time...I may be taking baby steps, but I feel like I'm at least taking steps in the right direction towards being able to support and supplement my sons' reading by incorporating comics into their lives. 

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