Vocabulary Games

After I posted my genre introduction lessons, I had a sweep of tweets and comments about the games that I had mentioned in the post

I will say, none of these games were originally mine. As a teacher, though, we all borrow and share- so I am happy to share them with you. 

Vocabulary Pyramid
Set up like the $25,000 Pyramid, students are given topics and they must have their partner guess each topic using the vocabulary and knowledge from the unit/lesson. 

4 Corners
4 corners is like an interactive multiple choice assessment/activity. This game begins with all of the students in the middle of the room. You ask a question and each corner (or side) is an option. Students then go to what they choose or think is correct. 

Swat It
For Swat It you will need 2 fly swatters. You post your vocabulary words on a wall (your word wall would work) or you make a PowerPoint/Word document with your vocabulary words project. Then you have 2 students go head to head. You give clues or definition and students have to swat the word. I have heard that using a fly swatter is the best way, because you can see who is first; rulers make it much harder to see who was first if it was close. 

Post-It Password
Students put a post it on their forehead with a vocabulary word on it then walk around the room having conversations with other students to figure out what their word is. 

Draw a Conclusion
This is one of my favorites. It is a backwards circle map. Instead of starting with a topic in the middle and defining it in the circle, with Draw a Conclusion you put the clues in the circle and the clues have to be used to guess the topic. 
Can you guess the answer? 
That's right- Jiminy Cricket!

Self explanatory.

Vocabulary bingo 
Hint: Use Smarties and kids can eat them when the game is over. 

Vocabulary Squares
Like Hollywood Squares. One team is X, one is O and the team is trying to get tic-tac-toe by answering vocabulary questions. 

Draw Me

Vocabulary Charades

Talk a Mile a Minute
Parents get into pairs (A & B) and one faces away from the board/projector while the other faces it. A student gets a list of vocabulary based on a topic that is being taught. They then go word to word giving clues and trying to get through all of the words. 

Cards with vocabulary words and then its definition are flipped over on a table and students have to flip them over trying to find their match. 

Find your Pair
Type up all of the vocabulary words and then sentences or definitions that go with the words. It is then the students' job is to find their pair. 

What games do you do with your students to reinforce vocabulary instruction? 


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