Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Stand Up for Girls - 10/11/12

On October 11th, 2012 join us, Lit World, and thousands of others in a day to rally for the equality of females in education. Over 520 million girls and women worldwide cannot read or write and this day is to advocate for every girl's right to a quality education. We will be not only celebrating and advocating on this day in the blogoverse and twitterverse, but also in our lives sharing this atrocity with our students, colleagues and friends. Thursday, October 11th, is the International Day of the Girl and the perfect time to stand up and support girls in being fierce, fearless, and free!

This day piggy backs on PBS's documentary Half the Sky: Turning Oppression into Opportunities for Women Worldwide (based off of Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn's novel) which calls for a world wide movement to cease oppression for women and girls worldwide. The documentary followed reporters and celebrities as they traveled around the world meeting women and girls living in some of the worst circumstances. These are the women and girls we need to stand up for.

Here at Teach Mentor Texts we are advocates of equal education for women and girls and also for equal representation of women and girls as heroes/protagonists in novels for our children. Because of this we, along with Maria Selke, were inspired to write Nerdy Book Club posts about powerful girls in children's and middle grade literature. (Our YA/teen girl power list will be upon at the Nerdy Book Club blog at the end of the month!)

You can visit the Stand Up for Girls Blog to see how others are standing up for girls and supporting this campaign. Daija Spaulding shared her story and how she will "...stand up for bookworms." She shares, "No one will ever make me feel like I am not worthy, because as far as I am concerned I am everything that I need to be right now. It took a long time for me to have that sort of security in myself, but McLean from What Happened to Goodbye shows me how." Bravo to books and especially Sarah Dessen's novels.

On Thursday, tell 10 people about this empowering campaign. Ask them to tell 10 more people. You can add the hashtag #standup4girls to your posts on Facebook and Twitter and help spread this worthy movement far and wide.

Here's how we describe a powerful girl or woman:

What words come to mind when you think of girl power?
How are you going to Stand Up for Girls this Thursday?

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