Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Jen's NCTE 2011 Fun!

I feel truly grateful to have such an extensive PLN that I can put in my pocket and take with me wherever I go! I had a great experience meeting lots of my support system at NCTE this weekend.

I'm still digesting all the fun and learning that went on this weekend at NCTE in Chicago! It was such an amazing experience to be around so many Twitter friends in real life. It has made me realize a billion times more how much they - you - are ingrained in my teaching life. Going to school yesterday and today made me realize that I had a void in my heart knowing that I had to leave such brilliant teachers who understand what best teaching is all about. It was hard to sit thought a meeting and defend what I do as a teacher after being surrounded by like-minded people who get, do, and support what I do.

Are you ready to experience just a taste of what I did this weekend? I don't have enough pictures to show all the awesomeness. I used to be great at taking pictures but lately I forget! I'll just post my pictures here and then reflect later about what I learned! (Pictures are probably more fun anyway, right?) My NCTE experience started on Thursday night at Anderson's Bookshop where I got hang out with some Twitter friends and meet authors Tom Angleberger, Jack Ferraiolo, and Michael Buckley.
I got to chat Star Wars over coffee with Tom Angleberger and Colby!
Tom Angleberger folding a giant Origami Yoda with Colby's student, Anna who drove from Michigan!
Michael Buckley and me
Jack Ferraiolo and me - he cracks me up!
Tweeps! Me, Colby, Cathy, and Alyson 
Tom Angleberger signing my book!
Me and Tom Angleberger! He's so nice!
And that was only Thursday night! I was downtown on Friday and Saturday to attend the ALAN breakfast and wander the exhibit hall. Talking with these friends and being able to chat in real life made me feel so much more connected to people who I talk to every day about what I'm doing as a teacher. These are all great people here - if you don't know them, check out their links, find them on Twitter, you want to know these people.
Me and Kate Messner
Me and Katherine
Kellee and me - Yes! Our Kellee! 
Jillian, me, and Sarah
Me and Alyson
Me and Jenni Holm
Me and Donalyn Miller
Me and Melissa Thomson
Rabbit and Bear with I Want My Hat Back by Jon Klassen at the Candlewick Booth
Kellee actually attended the entire NCTE and ALAN conference in Chicago and has loads more pictures to share with you! Her post will be coming soon!


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