Saturday, November 5, 2011

A Bit of Me(Me) 11/5/2011

It is so funny- I keep on getting the questions that are so hard for me to answer even though they seem easy!  Today's question is...

How do you eat your cereal? Do you like it crispy or soggy? Do you like it with or without milk? Do you like lots of milk or just a smidge? 

The reason why this is so hard for me to answer is... I do not eat cereal.  In the morning I would rather have just about anything than cereal- muscle milk, cottage cheese, granola bar, breakfast burrito... anything but cereal.  Most mornings I just grab whatever is the most convenient and go on my way. 

Okay, so now you are asking, "Why Kellee? Cereal is so good, why did this happen?" You know what, there is a simple reason. I had to eat cereal every day during my childhood and I just got sick of it. By high school, I just stopped and refused to eat it.  Also, the cereal I am not sick of is just not that good for me AT ALL like Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Cocoa Crispies (because I wasn't allowed to have them...). 

Want to know another secret on why I'll never be a cereal fan? I'd rather spend that 5 more minutes in bed and eat a granola bar. I am HORRIBLE at getting up and I like to make my mornings as short as possible so I can stay in bed as long as I can. Cereal would hinder my snoozing. 

So, if I ever do eat cereal, how do I eat it?  I am very specific about how I eat it- I fill up a bowl with my yummy bad-for-you cereal up to the top then add just a small amount of milk.  Now I don't like my cereal all soggy, but I don't want to eat dry cereal either so I stir up my cereal and milk so it gets absorbed and then begin consuming.  Yum! 

Now, my husband, Jim, is the complete opposite.  He grabs his HUGE bowl, his cereal, and his milk and makes his way to the living room to settle down.  He fills up the bowl with cereal and adds milk until the cereal almost overflows.  Then begins eating.  At the end when the cereal is gone and abundance of milk still remains, he replenishes his cereal supply and continues eating. It is quite a production 

It wasn't until Jen asked this question and I talked to her about it that I realized what a diverse topic this was!  Which type of cereal eater are you? 

Thanks for the question, Jen :) To read others' posts and link up, visit Crystal's blog at I Totally Paused

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