Sunday, June 13, 2010

Bloggiesta Wrap-Up!

Whew!  I'm pooped!  Is it bad that I'm tired of sitting?  Sheesh.  I'm ready to curl up in bed with a book!

I have to say that I got a ton accomplished this weekend with Bloggiesta though!  I'm so glad I joined in and really committed to getting things done.  I'm a little bit on overload at this point, but the good news is I have done so much that I can give myself some time off!  I can focus on reading all the new blogs I have found this weekend and less on writing my own content.  Oh, and I can do some more reading!

So here is my list:

1. Create a list of goals! DONE
2.  Log the hours I put into my blog: Total time spent    15   hours . DONE
3. Set up stats - via There's A Book mini-challenge. DONE
4. Set up Google docs for giveaway next week. DONE
5. Research what I have to do to apply for copy right - possibly apply for copyrights. DONE
6. Schedule posts for June.  DONE
7. Schedule posts for July - 6 DONE!!!
8. Write non-review posts - about activities that go with books? - not sure what this is going to be...DONE
9. Research and create a list of publishers to contact. DONE
10. Make a list of bloggers I would like to collaborate with - develop ideas for contacting them. DONE
11. Enter Book Blogger Appreciation Week. DONE
12. Load up on books at the library. DONE
13. Update my TBR list. DONE
14. Plan giveaway for Got Books event. DONE
15. Design business card - research where to get printed. DONE

The main thing I still have to work on is getting posts scheduled for July.  I wouldn't worry so much about getting ahead, but with the baby coming, I want to get as much ahead as I can, or at least started on things so I can tweak and just add simple things if I need to after the baby comes.  

I really liked the min-challenges, even though I didn't really officially do them all.  I knew what I wanted to get done so I just focused on that, but I'll definitely do them next time.  I'm super happy that I have ideas for collaborating with other bloggers.  I intended to start this blog to simply review and share books with teachers but now I realize how I can share more about what makes a reader and reader and hopefully use that to give insight as to how to help kids become readers.  I can't wait to contact the bloggers I found this weekend and see if they'll be part of the new feature I came up with this weekend.  You'll have to check back to see what it's all about!!!!

Thanks Maw Books for hosting this Bloggiesta, I loved it! 

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