Tuesday, May 18, 2010

My Weird School Series

My Weird School #1: Miss Daisy Is Crazy!Title: My Weird School and My Weird School Daze series 
Author: Dan Gutman
Illustrator: Jim Paillot
Publication Date: 2004-2007 and 2008-2010
Genre/Format: Humor, Fiction/Chapter Book, Series
Summary:  These are a series of super silly stories for early readers.   The main characters have all sorts of funny experiences with the funny adults at their school.
What I Think: I've only read one of the books in these series', but it was definitely funny and I can see how these would appeal to young readers.  I read one chapter with one of my students and we were cracking up that A.J., one of the main characters, was so open about disliking school and that his teacher felt the same way!  
Read Together: 1 - 3, This might be a good text to read with ESL students because it is so humorous but simple!
Read Alone: 1 - 5
Read With: For younger readers, these might tie in with Amelia Bedelia stories - which there are tons of now: Peggy Parish's, Now I Can Read books, and an updated version by Herman Parish (Peggy's nephew).  These would also be great books that would lead into the Wayside School series by Louis Sachar.  
Snatch of Text: Chapter 1 of Miss Daisy is Crazy gives an idea of who Miss Daisy is and that she wishes she was watching TV and eating bonbons instead of teaching!  Chapter 1 of Mr. Klutz is Nuts starts the same way, with a good description of how wild Mr. Klutz is!  
Reading Strategies to Practice: Retelling, Figurative Language
Writing Strategies to Practice: Characterization
Writing Prompts: Write about someone eccentric from your life.  Write about a person who fits into a stereotype, but put the character in a situation or setting that defies the stereotype.
Topics Covered: Fiction, Humor, School
Translated to Spanish: No  

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  1. Love this series! And I love the way you set up the reviews for all of them, just perfect!

    Wanted to stop by and say hi! Love what you've accomplished in such a short time! Looks fantastic!


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