Wednesday, October 12, 2016

WATCH: Why You Should Talk To Strangers by Kio Stark

As a writer, I'm always paying attention to stories all around me and mostly that means paying attention to people. I'm fascinated by people. This might partially be because I'm an extrovert. I love talking to people, even strangers. 

So when I found this Ted Talk by Kio Stark called Why You Should Talk To Strangers caught my attention. I'm maybe a little too happy to talk to strangers. In today's world, maybe I should be more cautious, but also in today's world, maybe I should be even more willing to talk to strangers. 

One simple way to make the world a better place, is to acknowledge each other. Talking to strangers - in a safe and careful way - connects us, reminds us that we are all here together on this wild and spinning world, helps us know that we are seen. 

I've blogged about the power of being seen and I've shared Amanda Palmer's Ted Talk and book The Art of Asking that highlights the power of being connected, trusting, asking, and being vulnerable with others. And now I'm sharing Kio Stark's thoughts on talking to strangers. 

Of course, please be careful who you engage with based on where you are and your circumstances, BUT when it's safe and possible, talk to strangers. And if you aren't up for a whole conversations, maybe you at least smile or say hello and simply acknowledge that you are there in that moment together. I believe it's a way to help people and impact the world. A smile is a simple start. A conversation with a stranger is another step. Try it and see what happens!

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