Saturday, October 1, 2016

Read Next! After Diary of a Wimpy Kid

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My friend Karyn asked me if I had suggestions for books to reccommend to students who looooooove books like Diary of a Wimpy Kid by Jeff Kinney or the Magic Tree House series by Mary Pope Osborne. I sent her a list of the books that came to mind and then I had an idea. I'll start a new type of post where I'll take a beloved book and share a list of books to recommend to kid readers. And here it is. The first Read Next of hopefully many to come!

Have a book you would to see features on Read Next here at Teach Mentor Texts? Tweet me and I'll ask the Twitterverse to chime in and then maybe create a post to share here!

If a reader looooooooooooooves...
Diary of a Wimpy Kid series
by Jeff Kinney

Then he or she might like to read these books next...

Frankie Pickle by Eric Wight (series)

The Yeti Files by Kevin Sherry (series)

The Notebook of Doom by Troy Cummings (series)

Oggie Cooder by Sarah Weeks
Oggie Cooder, Party Animals by Sarah Weeks

Killer Koalas from Outer Space and Lots of Other Very Bad Stuff 
that Will Make Your Brain Explode! by Andy Griffiths

The Treehouse Books by Andy Griffiths (series)

Dog Man by Dav Pilkey (series)

Big Nate by Lincoln Peirce (series)

Fake Mustache by Tom Angleberger

And here are books Twitter friends recommend!

Timmy Failure by Stephan Pastis (series)
Recommended by Earl Dizon

The Terrible Two by Jory John and Mac Barnett
The Terrible Two Get Worse by Jory John and Mac Barnett
The Terrible Two Go Wild by Jory John and Mac Barnett (coming February 2017!)
Recommended by Earl Dizon

The Ellie McDoodle Series by Ruth McNally Barshaw (series)
Recommended by Joy McCullough

The Strange Case of Origami Yoda by Tom Angleberger (series)
Recommended by Maria Selke

Clueless Magee by Jeff Mack (series)
Recommended by Anissa Jones

Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life by James Patterson (series)
Recommended by Mrs. Hull

I Funny by James Patterson (series)
Recommended by Mrs. Hull and Adrienne Screen

The Big Splash by Jack Ferraiolo
Recommended by Rayna Reveur

Do you have books to add to our list?
Please share in the comments!

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