Wednesday, January 1, 2014

My 2014 Bookish Un-Boring List Reveal!

In 2012, I wrote my very first Un-Boring List after I was inspired by my friend, Alison and her Un-Boring List. You can see everything I checked off of my list from 2021 here. It was so much fun that I did another list for 2013 except I posted it here and put a bookish spin on it. On Saturday, I shared how I fared on my 2013 Bookish Un-Boring List! And now, it's time to unveil my 2014 Bookish Un-Boring List! Hooray!

Create paper mache book art 
like they have at Reading Reptile book store 
I'm still searching for inspiration for this...ideas?!?!

Throw a chapter book party with Peanut and his friends
We made our to-do list and guest list the other day!

Celebrate World Read Aloud Day 
with an ice cream sundae party and Please Bring Balloons

Host a graphic novel read-a-thon
Who doesn't need more graphic novels in their life!

Afternoon Tea at Taj Boston with Jennifer Reed and Tea Party Rules
Yes! I'll be in Boston yet again! 
Alison, of the Un-Boring List fame, is getting married!

Visit Zoo Atlanta and celebrate The One and Only Ivan with Erin Jackle

Run a race dressed in a book-themed outfit
Part of my #runteacherrun challenge (I'll share 2014 challenges this weekend).

Go wild and eat vegan with Franki Sibberson 
to celebrate some of our favorite picture books
There might be red pointy hats or a top hats involved...

Get a tarot card reading with my friend, Jennifer
After convincing Jennifer to read Maggie Stiefvater's Raven Cycle series, 
she thought tarot card readings would be a fun addition to the Un-Boring list!

Be braver and better at Teachers Write
I'm so excited that Teachers Write will be back again this summer!
Last year I hoped to draft another novel...maybe this year?
I finally joined SCBWI and plan to attend one of their events this year, too.

Keep up my yoga #nerdlution
Thanks to Crystal, I found a book to go along with this but 
I'm open to other yoga-related books that you can recommend!
I'm hoping to practice yoga everyday, working on my headstand, 
and try stand up paddleboard (SUP) yoga at Royal Pigeon Yoga.

More Indies!
I'm excited to visit old-familiar and more new-to-me Indies in 2014!

I'm so excited about this list!!! There aren't even close to enough exclamation points ever in the world to show how excited I am. You'll just have to imagine endless infinity plus infinity more exclamation points. Please share any of your Un-Boring plans for 2014! I would love to join you on any bookish fun this year!

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