Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The One Where I Used My Head #slice2014

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I've been using my head a lot since the advent of #Nerdlution took Twitter by storm 50 days ago. I pledged to work on revisions and to practice my headstands every day for 50 days. There is definitely something to be said about setting a goal and working towards it. Once thing I completely believe to be true about setting goals and getting to them is that it undoubtedly helps to have at least one cheerleader if not the whole Nerdy community supporting me along the way. There's a certain pressure that comes with announcing to the twitterverse and blogosphere that I was working towards these two goals but a different kind of pressure when everyone believed in me and cheered me on. I felt this overwhelming sense of not wanting to let people down but then it became more about sticking with it and really doing it for myself. At some point, I believed in myself enough to say I would do it but with everyone else's support, it made me feel like I really could do it. 

While I didn't revise everyday and I didn't practice yoga everyday, I absolutely made huge progress towards both of my goals. Committing to do both of these everyday completely helped me keep them at the forefront of my life even if the craziness of life didn't allow me to get to them daily. Nerdlution became a commitment to not give up once I realized everyday was not going to happen. I can say that in the last 50 days, I have made more progress on my revisions than in the last 350 days. The fact that I can get into a headstand without a wall and hold it for way more than 15 seconds shows that a commitment to practicing - even if it's not everyday - still makes an impact. 

A resolution means you resolve to do something, you decide on something and are determined to see it through, you commit to something. I love the idea of a short term Nerdlution compared to a yearly resolution but next time around I won't be so caught up on having to do something every single day.

Nerdlution - The Beginning

Nerdlution - Halfway In

Nerdlution - Day 50 
I'm still pretty shaky and still have to work on really being able to control what I'm doing but it's definitely an improvement. Yoga has been so great. I love finding YouTube videos to follow along with at home but have enjoyed finding classes to go to at my local studio. Both revising and practicing yoga are things I'm so glad to have as part of my life. 

How did you do on your Nerdlution(s)?
 The next round of Nerdlution starts on January 27th! 
Will you be joining in?

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