Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The One Where Peanut Goes to 1st Grade #slice2013

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Today Peanut goes to first grade! It's so exciting! I remember how worried and scared and nervous I was last year because it was so new for him and he didn't know many kids and he's just such a sweet kid. This year he has quite a few friends in his class from last year or preschool and he knows the school and it just feels better.
It's so interesting how something new can be scary and nerve wracking. I often remind myself that change is the only thing we can count on to never change. It's part of why I try to embrace and love the growth mindset but it isn't always easy. 

While Peanut is going through a change, the change this school year is totally different from the change of last school year. What makes the difference this year is having some familiarity with the school and having friends along the way. 

Doesn't this just seem to make any kind of change better? Any time I'm doing something new or going someplace new, I know I always want to know as much as I can. I want as many details as I can get so I can anticipate what's going to happen or what the place will be like before I get there. I'm notorious for looking up menus of restaurants ahead of time and reading as much as I can about new places. 

Likewise, any time I'm doing something new or going someplace new, I know I loooooooooooove to have a friend with me. Knowing I'm not going somewhere or doing something alone makes a huge difference for me. There's something about knowing that there is someone else to help me along or to confide in if it tough or scary, wild or fun. 
It struck me that this is something to think about when working with students or adults. Change can be scary. Doing something new can be stressful. But what if we give people as much information we can about what to expect? And what if we are their friend to guide them through or find them a friend to share the experience with them? Can we make change just a little less overwhelming if we do these to things? It makes me think differently about presenting something new to someone when I think of it this way. Is there anything besides having lots of information ahead of time and a friend that helps you when you encounter something new? What calms you down in the face of change?

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