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Tooth Traditions around the World - #NFPB13

Nonfiction Picture Book Wednesday

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Title: Tooth Traditions around the World 
Author: Ann Malaspina 
Illustrator: Elisa Chavarri 
Publisher: Child's World 
Publication Date: January, 2013 
Genre/Format: Non-Fiction Expository/Picture Book 
GoodReads Summary: Explores global traditions surrounding the loss of first teeth, including the tooth fairy, the tooth mouse, and beliefs to make teeth strong. 
What I Think: Peanut lost his first tooth this school year when he was in kindergarten. He woke up one morning and his tooth was loose. By the next afternoon, he had lost it. He lost it at school when his friend "accidentally" punched him in the mouth. It was craziness but he was so proud to have lost his first tooth. I wish there were more books to celebrate losing a tooth to help kids go through the experience. It's such a fun time but it can be scary, too. This book does a nice job of sharing different traditions from around the world so kids can learn about what different cultures do to celebrate when a child loses a tooth. I had fun reading about the different stories and sharing them with Peanut. It's neat to see how people all over the world lose their teeth when they are young but that we have different ways of celebrating this. Because the entire book focuses on different ways of celebrating around the world, this book gives many opportunities for kids to compare and contrast traditions around the world and even compare to their own traditions in their household.
Read Together: Grades K - 2 
Read Alone: Grades 2 - 3 
Read With: Throw Your Tooth on a Roof by Selby Beeler, Tooth Fairy by Audrey Wood 
Snatch of Text:  
"Children will write notes to the tooth fairy. Some make a fancy tooth box or slip the tooth into an envelope. Others drop the tooth into a glass of water or on a plate or leave it by the window. The tooth fairy will find it." (p. 8)
Reading Strategies to Practice: Activating Background Knowledge, Making Connections, Asking Questions, Compare and Contrast 
Writing Strategies to Practice: Personal Narrative 
Writing Prompts: Write about a time when you lost your tooth. How did you feel? How did you lose it? And what did you do with the tooth after you lost it?  
Topics Covered: Integration - Social Studies, Traditions, Countries 
I *heart* It:

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