Friday, June 28, 2013

Poetry Friday

I love poems and after making it a goal to read more poems in 2012, I feel like I read more but I still don't feel like I read enough of them. I thoroughly enjoy novels in verse and wish there were more. Poetry Friday is a meme where bloggers share poems on Friday. Every Friday a different blogger rounds up all the posts for the week. Click here for a schedule of who is hosting the round-up for the week.

Today I finished rereading Flipped by Wendelin Van Draanen for one of the courses I'm taking this summer. It's a class so I can have my middle school endorsement and focuses on young adolescent development. If you haven't read Flipped, I definitely recommend it and realized more than ever just how well it depicts young adolescent development having read it with a specific focus for my class. It also made me think of books I love like 11 Birthdays, Stargirl and Wonder where the characters really connect with each other and grow from being more understanding and compassionate towards others. I found this poem about other people and how people impact us and thought I would share.


Some people talk and talk
and never say a thing.
Some people look at you 
and birds being to sing.

Some people laugh and laugh 
and yet you want to cry.
Some people touch your hand 
and music fills the sky.

Charlotte Zolotow

There are so many people who have made an impact - big or small - in my life and it's pretty amazing to stop and think of those people from time to time. And then I have to call or tweet or e-mail them. In Flipped, the girl main character, Juli, is the kind of character who has so much spunk and energy that it's great to read and know she has people who support her and encourage her. I think we can always use more people to support us. I hope this poem inspires you to stop and think of the people who have made an impace on your life...and maybe, just maybe you call or tweet or e-mail them, too! 

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