Sunday, June 2, 2013

Armchair BEA Day 6: Wrap-Up

Alas, it is time to bid Armchair BEA adieu! What a great week!
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On this final day, we encourage you to wrap-up the week with your favorites and highlights of the week. Did you connect with a new-to-you blogger? I can't believe BEA and Armchair BEA have already come and gone so fast! It was a really great break from end-of-the-school-year hectic-ness and book reviews. I loved just having the time to reflect on books and blogging and to celebrate it all. Armchair BEA reminded me how awesome the community of book bloggers is. It definitely gave me a chance to reminisce on all when I first started blogging in general and book blogging. I met Kim from YA Asylum. She enjoys horror books! I'm so not a horror book kind of girl. I loved seeing what Kim has set up over at her blog and marveling at the book bloggers who have their niche in one genre. So many of the blogs I read regularly are teachers or librarians who blog about children's literature. Armchair BEA helped remind me that there is such an wonderful community of book bloggers outside of education or student-centered type book blogs.  

Reading along with all the tweets of people actually at BEA was fun, too! I saw one from Jarrett Krosoczka talking about how he was completely nonstop at BEA but he still felt like he missed things. It just sounds like such an amazing whirlwind of an event. Hopefully, someday, I'll get the opportunity to go myself! Until then, I love Armchair BEA!


On this final day, we encourage you to wrap-up the week with your favorites and highlights of the week.  Did you learn something new?  Did you connect with a new-to-you blogger?  What was your favorite discussion topic? I have so loved this week! It was like being at a conference without having to leave my house! Each day I would troll around on other blogs, comment on some, and learn lots. Some of my new blogs I found through ArmchairBEA is Super Librarian, the hilarious What the Cat Read, and Confessions of an Avid Reader, A Blighted One, and Words and Peace. I also loved seeing our friends Crystal Brunelle and Holly Mueller participating (I hope I didn't miss anyone!).  It is so hard to pick a favorite post and I don't think I can for the genre posts. I loved talking about all of them. For the other topics, I think "Keeping it Real" and "Introductions" were my favorite to write about and read. 

The countdown for next year begins! 

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