Wednesday, May 1, 2013

School Lunch Superhero Day!

Jarret Krosoczka, author and illustrator of the fabulous Lunch Lady graphic novel series, has worked with Random House to launch the first ever School Lunch Superhero Day. This Friday, May 3rd, Jarrett asks that we recognize the hard work of our beloved lunch superheroes. Visit the School Lunch Superhero site or the Pinterest board for ideas of how to celebrate. What it comes down to is showing school lunch staff that we appreciate the work that they do!

Jen: My little Peanut eats breakfast and lunch at school almost everyday. He actually eats a light breakfast at home with us, breakfast at school, snack at school that we send, and lunch at school. A few times we send in lunch with him but it's much more convenient for us if he can buy lunch at school. We are actually really happy with the options he has for lunch. They seem to be healthy lunches and there is a hot lunch option or a cold lunch option. When I asked Peanut who his lunch lady is, he responded Ms. B. right away. I talked to him about a special lunch lady day and asked if he wanted to draw a picture and write a note to Ms. B. He drew himself with his lunch card and his tray and Ms. B. 
Peanut told me about his favorite school food and I wrote out his message to Ms. B. He was excited to share that Bosco sticks are his favorite food. I remember these when I was in school and everyone always loves Bosco sticks. I'm not sure if Bosco sticks are something that exist all over the nation or the world, but they are essentially breadsticks with melty mozzarella inside. They are really yummy.
As a parent who is super conscious about the foods I feed my children, I like to know that the school offers healthy options. We are always asking Peanut about which lunch choice he picked and if he ate his fruit or veggie. He doesn't always eat his fruit or veggie but we talk to him about healthy choices and make sure he has options for fruit and veg at home. School Lunch Superhero Day is a great opportunity to say thank you to the people who bring healthy options to our schools and make sure our students' bellies are filled so they can learn. Thank  you! A big round of applause!

Kellee: To truly show the food superheroes of my school how much they are appreciated, I am having my classes make a giant thank you card for all of their hard work. Students are allowed to write their own letters or make their own cards as well. My yearbook class and I will deliver the card on Friday. We hope through this gesture, that our cafeteria workers will realize that they are not forgotten and are so appreciated. I'll add pictures below of the cards and the delivering after May 3rd.

Are you celebrating School Lunch Superhero Day this year? 
Please tell us your plans! We would love to hear them.
And if you haven't read Jarret Krosoczka's Lunch Lady graphic novels, check them out!


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