Thursday, May 2, 2013

Girls from The Hero's Guide: Briar

Princess's Name: Briar Rose
Her Original Fairy Tale: "The Sleeping Beauty" by Charles Perrault, 1697
Her Kingdom: Avondell
Her Charming: Prince Liam, from the Kingdom of Erinthia, battled his way past a dragon and woke her from a sleeping spell by kissing her
Characteristics: determined, focused, opinionated, strong-minded, no-nonsense, sarcastic, blunt, honest, self-centered, vain, bossy, independent, harsh, head-strong
"...when something is promised to me, I make sure I get it." (p. 70)
"'I want what I want. That sword is the most legendary treasure our stupid family owns, so I want that sword. And as always, I will get what I want.'" (p. 114)
"'Just update me on your plan,' Briar said, biting into a grapefruit. 'You keep changing it around, and I want to make sure it's sound before I send you off to recover the object I desire most in the world.'" (p. 238)
"'Everybody shut up and let me think! Briar screeched. 'I came in here with a purpose, and all you losers are getting in my way.'" (p. 345)
Why Kellee Thinks Briar Makes a Strong Role Model: Briar is the mean girl of the group and I knew when reading that I would have the hardest time explaining how she is a role model, but in the end she has more heart than she portrays. It is actually through her change within the novel that made me realize that she is just a different type of role model. She can show that you can change and that it is okay to be head strong and go for what you want as long as you don't hurt those that get in your way. She knows what she wants. 
Why Jen Thinks Briar Makes a Strong Role Model: Briar doesn't have the best people skills but she definitely knows what she wants! She is the perfect example of a strong girl role model who isn't necessarily a protagonist. She's not quite the enemy either, but she definitely isn't well-accepted by the League of Princes or the other princesses, for that matter. Briar is determined and focused and will work to get what she wants although she might not do it in the most graceful way. Sometimes it's important to speak up for what you want. I think readers will recognize how Briar's hamartia and recognize that while she does get what she wants, she doesn't really make a whole lot of friends along the way. There is definitely a lot to learn from Briar!

What do you love about Briar? 
What do you think makes her a representative of girl power?
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