Sunday, May 5, 2013

Girls from The Hero's Guide: Lila

Princess's Name: Lila
Her Original Fairy Tale: The Hero's Guide to Saving Your Kingdom by Christopher Healy
Her Kingdom: Erinthia
Her Charming: Right now, her brother Prince Liam, but who knows who it'll end up being. She is only a preteen!
Characteristics: spunky, independent, tracker, trustworthy, go-getter, rebellious, level-headed
"'Guys!' Lila said sharply. 'Anyone who's part of this rescue needs to come with me now.' She turned and began to head through the trees." (p. 90)
Why Kellee Thinks Lila Makes a Strong Role Model: Lila is a little rebel! She is not afraid to do anything! She is not going to be left out. For the youngest princess in the bunch, she is probably the bravest. She'll definitely follows in her brother's footsteps (and in the book, she actually pushes him when he has given up).  
Why Jen Thinks Lila Makes a Strong Role Model: I think Lila might be my favorite princess, believe it or not. I just love her attitude. She's not about to sit at home where no one pays attention to her and be bored. She'd rather go out and make a difference and pave her own way. She's definitely smart and takes charge when she needs to. In this book, she realizes being in tight spaces makes her nervous but at the same time she keeps calm and talks herself through the experience. I really admire Lila and her strong will. 

What do you love about Lila? 
What do you think makes her a representative of girl power?
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