Sunday, April 7, 2013

TMT Spring Book and Bookmark Swap!

We had a lot of fun hosting our first book and bookmark swap earlier this month, so we're back for more! This time we are asking you to send a book that you feel is under-appreciated - a great book that doesn't seem to get enough love - and a bookmark to match. You can tailor it to your recipient's tastes based on what information he or she shares with you, or just go with what a book of your choice. 

Last time, there were a few people who never received a book and bookmark. We understand that everyone is busy but we also ask that, if you aren't able to commit to sending a book and bookmark this time, then please don't sign up. Please think about how sad it is to open the mailbox day after day when you are expecting a package and then for it to never arrive. If you are able and ready to send a book and bring a smile to someone's face, then please, please, please DO sign up! 

There is one small change this time around! We would like everyone to refrain from opening their packages until Saturday, 5/18. On May 18th, we'll all open our packages and share our pictures on Twitter with the hashtag #bookswap. If you aren't on Twitter, you can still send your picture electronically so we can put it into the slideshow for 5/19. 

Here is the timeline for our spring book and bookmark swap:

Sign-up opens: 4/7/13 (see below)
Sign-up closes: 4/14/13
Receive name and information: 4/15/13
Mail your book and bookmark: 4/29/13

The big reveal! 
Tweet a picture of the book and bookmark you receive with the hashtag #bookswap: 5/18/13
Send picture(s) of the book and bookmark you receive to us: 5/18/13

If you blog...
Post picture(s) of what you receive on your blog and share the link with us: 5/19/13

To see all the fun...
Visit Teach Mentor Texts to see the slideshow of all the books and bookmarks!

If you are ready to swap, sign up below!

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