Saturday, April 13, 2013

Girl Power - Jenni Holm

We have been having a lot of fun with our Girl Power series! We've heard from Maria Selke and Kirby Larson so far. Today we have another treat for you! Jenni Holm is here to answer some of our Girl Power questions! Jenni Holm is the author of the novels Our Only May Amelia, The Trouble With May Amelia, Penny From HeavenTurtle In Paradise, and the insanely popular graphic novel series Babymouse and Squish.

TMT: Why do you think it's important to write about strong girl characters?

Jenni Holm: I think it's important for girls to see that they can drive the story.

TMT: Describe a memory from your childhood when you felt empowered.

Jenni Holm: I grew up with four brothers, which was probably a pretty unique experience. My take-away from my childhood was that I felt very equal to my brothers (and boys in general.) I did everything they did – climbing trees, playing kickball, building huge forts, elaborate board games. I just always assumed I could do whatever the boys did.

TMT: Did you have a female literary character you look up to? (now or when you were growing up...)

Jenni Holm: The character I loved most was Princess Eilonwy from Lloyd Alexander's Prydain chronicles. She was a tough, scrappy, smart girl who was just as opinated and brave as the guys.

TMT: Do you have any advice for girls who might feel unfairly treated because they are girls?

Jenni Holm: Take a deep breath and then tell yourself that you can do whatever boys do. I'm living proof (you should see me climb a tree!)

A big thanks to Jenni Holm for sharing her thoughts on girls and books! Be sure to check out all of her books for examples of great girls in books!

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