Sunday, November 11, 2012

Teachers Write - A Writing Space

As many of my Teachers Write friends know, I spent the summer holing myself up in my cozy little laundry room to write. I love it, I still love it. It is still a perfect place for me because it's small and warm and free from distractions...except for when I realize I need to change the laundry or fold the laundry or put away the laundry...but that's minimal compared to the million places my mind wanders to when I'm outside of my laundry room and trying to write.
The other day, I was explaining my loverly  laundry room to one of my co-workers and she made a face when I explained that my setup in the laundry room is a little stepstool where my laptop sits and then a fleece blanket that I lay on the floor where I sit cross-legged and type. Okay, I have to admit that it may have sounded kind of crazy even to me when it came out of my mouth, but it's the truth and gosh-darnit, it works! For me at least.
The truth about my house is that we live in a townhouse. It works for us but it's a bit tight at times. We don't have a real desk where we can sit and send e-mails or pay bills or write novels. My husband and I each have laptops that wander around the house. Our printer is set up on top of my scrapbooking shelves and we go hook up to it when we need to print. It's been fine for a while but I've started to realize that now that Peanut is in kindergarten and writing and reading that it would be great to have a little writing station set up for him. I've wanted to create a writing station for a while and we do have a few places in the house where we store paper and coloring books and markers and crayons and fun things like that BUT we don't have an official place where any of us can sit and officially write.

Last weekend I took a picture of this cute little office space and e-mailed it to myself: 
It was in Better Homes and Gardens magazine. We actually have a closet kind of like this in our house! I was excited. Our closet actually is angled a little differently because of the way our stairs go, but it's very similar to this and I had all these visions in my head of what we could come up with if I can actually convince my husband to give up the closet so I can change it into a mini-office. Can you tell I haven't told him about my brilliant idea yet? 

I'm still in brainstorming mode, thinking of where and what a writing station would look like for my kids more than me. (I love my laundry room, after all.) I really do want to have a place for Peanut and eventually, Little Bean, to sit and write, write, write. 

Here are some ideas I found on other blogs that look great!

 Do any of you have a special writing space at home or in your classrooms that you love and want to share? You can tell me about in the comments, or leave a link to a picture/description on your blog. Thanks!

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