Friday, November 30, 2012

Series Introduction: Seven the Series


Title: Seven the Series
Author: Various
Publisher: Orca Books
Publication Date: October, 2012
Genre/Format: Realistic Fiction-Adventure-Mystery/Fiction
Publisher's Summary: Seven grandsons. Seven journeys. Seven authors. One amazing series. 
     When David McLean, beloved grandfather and avid adventurer, dies at the age of 92, he leaves a very unusual will outlining seven tasks he has set for his seven grandsons. 
     In Seven (the series), Eric Walters and six other well-known Canadian authors - John Wilson, Ted Staunton, Richard Scrimger, Norah McClintock, Sigmund Brouwer and Shane Peacock - bring their signature styles to a series of seven adventures that take readers from the top of Kilimanjaro to the bottom of the Mediterranean.
What I Think: I, personally, have only read two of the seven novels, but I really enjoyed the stories of the two I read and the premise of the series won me over so I wanted to share the books with you. I really like that the books are appropriate for a wide age range and that the novels can be read in any order. Also, I think that these books will be great for reluctant and struggling readers because I think they will connect with at least one of the protagonists. I look forward to sharing these books with my students and reading more of the series. 
Read Together: Grades 6 to 10
Read Alone: Grades 5 to 12
Mentor Text for: Making connections, Plot development, Characterization

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