Thursday, September 29, 2011

Versatile Blogger Award!

Wow! We have been nominated by Beth at Thinking of Teaching for the Versatile Blogger award! We are so excited! Our goal is to share our reading and ideas with parents and teachers and it feels awesome to know it's appreciated. Thanks, Beth!

Now we are supposed to: 
1. Thank the person who nominated us and provide a link back to their blog. 
2. Share 7 things about ourselves.
3. Nominate 15 other blogs that we've discovered.

You can visit Beth's amazing blog by clicking her Thinking of Teaching button!

We thought we would do a mini-interview for our 7 things!

Jen: Are you a sticky note or notepad kind of girl, Kellee?

Kellee: I am definitely a sticky notes kind of girl! You will find them all throughout my classroom with notes to myself and to do lists. Now, I do use notepads to actually take notes at conferences or such, but that is it. 

So, Jen, when you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up? 

Jen: I actually wanted to be a teacher! I remember being in kindergarten and already knowing I wanted to be a teacher. I had a great kindergarten teacher and I think I wanted to be just like her but as I got older I still always loved school and working with kids so I knew I wanted to be a teacher! 

Here's a teacher-y kind of question: if you were going to write a book, who's (author's craft) voice would yours most likely remind you of?

Kellee: Hm.  This is a hard one because I’ve never thought about it.  But I think that if I was going to write a book it would be contemporary/realistic fiction and my author’s voice may sound a bit like Sarah Dessen (I’d hope at least :D).  Her books are so enjoyable, but also so beautifully written.  I’d be lucky to craft a book anywhere near as well as she does.  My author’s voice wish would be John Green because he can make you laugh with a single word and make you cry with silence.

Staying on the topic of books, if you could be any character in any book, who would you be? 

Jen: Wow, I've never thought about actually being a character before. first thought is not to pick a character who has anything horribly awful happen to him or her! Actually, a Harry Potter character comes to mind immediately because I would love to do magic. I'll pick Hermione then, she's also smart and brave - love it. 

I'm also thinking about being one of the Penderwick sisters from The Penderwicks: A Summer Tale of Four Sisters, Two Rabbits, and a Very Interesting Boy. I really enjoyed that book and I love the relationships between all the sisters. 

What kind of cupcake would you be?

Kellee: YUM!  This question makes me think of my favorite cupcakes from Sweet! down the road (and they have gluten free cupcakes Jen!).  Now I want to go there! Well, I think if I was going to be a cupcake, I’d be the Sweet! Plain Jane.  I am a bit predictable and like schedules and planning (white cake cupcake with vanilla butter cream icing), but I try to shake things up randomly to keep life entertaining (sprinkles!). 

I love cupcakes but to switch the mood-tell me about what bothers you. What is your pet peeve? 

Jen: Wait! I love cupcakes - go back - they have gluten free but do they have vegan cupcakes? ...just checked their site, I don't see vegan options. That's okay though. I'd love to see one of their giant party cupcakes at Sweet!

Back to your pet peeve question! I give up! I' ve been sitting here struggling to think of a pet peeve. I'm sure I have them but I cannot think of even one right now. I'm generally an easy going person and I try not to let things bother me too much. Not that there aren't things that drive me crazy...but I can't think of something I would consider to be a pet peeve unless, does being late or other people being late count? I get that people run late - and now with two kids, we're late from time to time - so it doesn't make me insane, but I do feel it's only respectful if you are where you are supposed to be on time.

What is your favorite flower? AND what color is you favorite for that flower?

Kellee: The orchid.  They are simply phenomenal flowers- doesn't matter the color, they are one of the most beautiful plants on Earth. 

And now our favoritest 15 blogs at the moment:

Colby can also be found on Twitter at @colbysharp.

Alyson can be found on Twitter at @alybee930.

John can be found on Twitter at @mrschureads.

Kathy can also be found on Twitter at @thebrainlair.

Abby can be found on Twitter at @abbylibrarian

Teresa can be found on Twitter @trkravtin

Mindi can be found on Twitter @mindi_r

YA Love
Sarah can be found on Twitter @yaloveblog

Heise Reads & Recommends
Jillian can be found on Twitter @heisereads

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Basically Amazing
Ashley can be found on Twitter @basicallybooks

Kate and Kristen can be found on Twitter @TheBookMonsters

13. The Reading Zone
Sarah can be found on Twitter @thereadingzone

14. Lemme Library
Kathy can also be found on Twitter at @lemmelibrary

15. The Nonfiction Detectives
Cathy and Louise can be found on Twitter at @NonfictionDetec

Thanks again, Beth, for giving us the Versatile Blogger award!
We hope you check out some of our favorite blogs or join us on Twitter!!!


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