Sunday, September 25, 2011

A Bit of Me(me) (9/24/11)

I just went to read Danielle's post for Bit of Me(me) over at There's a Book. I love the question for this week's Bit of Me(me), too...except I have a slight problem answering it:

What childhood toy, blanket, stuffed animal, etc. do you still have and cherish?

So here's my problem with this perfectly nostalgic question...I don't have anything! I can think of a stuffed doggie that I had whose name was Rolff and a Cabbage Patch Kid who I had named Willie. Sadly, neither of them is here today. My husband had a blanket he loved when he was a kiddo. My mother-in-law brought it over and it's been shredded to pieces. He called it "eehee". 

Peanut has several "eehees" of his own right now that he likes to have with him when it's time for bed. He sucks his I guess he'll always have thumb with him when he gets old! The same goes for Little Bean, but he prefers to suck two fingers - backwards. He's funny and so far hasn't found an "eehee" to love. He does like to rub his right can see Little Bean in action in this pic...can't find one of Peanut right now.  

The Bit of Me(me) will be back here at Teach Mentor Texts next weekend! Be sure to come back and link up!  Here's the question for next week:

Have you met or worked with any famous people? Who? Where? When?


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