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FirelightTitle: Firelight     
Author: Sophie Jordan 
Publisher: Harper
Publication Date: 2010   
Genre/Format: YA Fantasy/Novel 
Summary: Jacinda loves being able to take flight when she's in her dragon form, loves the freeness of soaring through the air - until she's almost caught by hunters. Almost caught because one of the hunters finds himself face to face with her dragon self but lets her go and saves her. Who is this stranger who should be her enemy but who shows her compassion? Caught between two worlds, Jacinda struggles to find where she belongs.
What I Think: Sometimes I read a book and need time to let it settle in but this is a book that I loved while I was reading it, loved as soon as I had finished it, and still love a couple of weeks later.  I love books that stand out and stick with me and this is one of those books. I have to admit that it does remind me a little of Stephenie Meyer's Twilight because of the idea of star-crossed lovers but the writing and intensity of the characters is much better. I stayed up to finish it one night because I was so anxious to see what would happen to the characters.
From a teaching perspective, I love how the author throws the reader into Jacinda's life and then makes references to her situation and the people in her life. I think it's difficult for students to write without first introducing the character, who she is, where she is, how old she is, what she looks like, etc.  This is a great example of how to do all this subtly while still giving the reader all the information he or she needs.
Read Together: 7 - 12 
Read Alone: 8 - 12 
Read With: Graceling and Fire (Graceling) by Kristin Cashore, The Twilight Saga Collection by Stephenie Meyer, Shiver (Wolves of Mercy Falls) (series) by Maggie Stiefvater
Snatch of Text:  
     "'Jacinda, she says, 'we shouldn't do this.' But her voice lacks conviction.
     I dig my hands into my pockets and rock on the balls of my feet. 'You want to be here as badly as I do. Look at that sun.'
     Before Azure can mutter another complaint, I'm shucking off my clothes. Stashing them behind a bush, I stand at the water's edge, trembling, but not from the cold bite of early morning. Excitement shivers through me.
     Azure's clothes hit the ground. 'Cassian's not going to like this,' she says.
     I scowl. As if I care what he thinks. He's not my boyfriend." p. 2
Reading Strategies to Practice: Activating Background Knowledge, Making Connections, Making Inferences, Visualizing 
Writing Strategies to Practice: Narrative 
Writing Prompts: Write or rewrite the beginning of a narrative piece using Jordan's style of using the plot to drive the narrative and then discreetly giving background information to the reader. 
Topics Covered: Family, Friendship, Loyalty, Identity, Love, Dragons 
Translated to Spanish: No


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