Saturday, August 13, 2011

A Bit of Me(Me) 8/13/11

YAY! My first Bit of (Me)Me! I am very excited to be a part of it- thank you to There's a Book for hosting!

What's one activity you're looking forward to or that you've already done this summer?

This answer is a two-parter for me and they are both things that I've already been able to do this summer. (And I included an honorary #3!)

1) When I went away to college, I chose a university 1 hour from my parent's house. It is the perfect length! Close enough to visit easily, but not close enough that they'd show up unexpectedly. And I really came to love that they were close enough for me to visit them. This is why, in February, when my dad told me that he and my mom were moving to Tennessee in 4 months, I was devastated! That is 10 and 1/2 hours from me! My child won't have their grandparents living within a quick drive of them :( I really was sad. But then I saw how happy my parents were and I couldn't be depressed anymore. Now, I was just excited to be able to visit them so I can see the town that they had come to love so much. And that is exactly what I am doing right now- visiting my parents in Chattanooga and experiencing everything that they enjoy about the town.

Some highlights so far: The Tennessee Aquarium, Incline Railroad, Point Park, Hunter Museum of American Art, and scootering around by the Tennessee River (minus the crashing of the scooter :-O). Today we're going to Rock City and Ruby Falls and tomorrow we'll do the Chattanooga Zoo before we fly out. What a way to end my summer vacation!!


2) I set a goal in January to read 175 books (novels, chapter books or graphic novels) this year and ever since setting this goal on GoodReads, I've been behind. How discouraging it is to go to GoodReads every day just to be told that you are behind on your goal (I'm sure some of you know what I am talking about). SO during the summer I decided I was going to not only catch up with my goal, but get ahead which is exactly what I did! This summer I read 80 books (almost a #bookaday). I am now at 149 books (including 1 picture book) which means I am 42 books ahead of my goal and feeling great! Thought about upping my goal, but I like being ahead :)

Honorary [but the best!] 3) This was also a great summer because my husband, Jim, graduated with his paramedic certificate completing his 5 semester long schooling to become a EMT, firefighter and paramedic- YAY! I loved seeing him walk across that stage and be honored for all of his hard work!

I hope you all have had as fabulous of a summer as I have! What did you do this summer that you had really looked forward to?

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