Saturday, August 6, 2011

A Bit of Me(me) 8/6/2011

I haven't posted A Bit of Me(me) in a while but this week is the perfect week to jump back in because I knew the answer to the question right away!

At this very moment, which song makes your toes tap?

I'm extra excited because not only is it a fun song, it has a fun message. It kills me when a song is awesome but the lyrics are a little risque for the mommy-me.

Every time I hear Good Life by One Republic I get all excited. I saw them perform the song on a late night show at the beginning of the summer and I've loved it ever since. It makes me so happy to sing along and then when I pay attention to that I'm singing how great this life is, it makes me that much happier. I try to think about how grateful I am for everything in my life everyday. With a wonderful husband, two healthy boys, a loving family, a house we love, good friends...just to start...things are great. In general, I'm a positive person so I try not to complain too much, but any time I do complain I stop myself to think of all the good things I have in my life.

Some other things that make this such a good life:
1. Books, of course!!!
2. My car. I have a Honda Insight which is a hybrid car. 
With all the driving I do, I love that it's a hybrid and feel like 
hopefully I'm helping out by driving a hybrid.
3. Being a teacher and having a job that I love. 
I'm glad that, as school starting gets close, 
I'm looking forward to going back.
4. The pool. Our local park district pool closes Friday and 
then is only open on weekends. I love the pool. It's close to our house 
and we can just load up the kiddos and go there. I always feel relaxed 
at the might be because they play nice, relaxing music. 
It makes me feel like I'm miles away when we're at the pool.
5. Smoothies. These are another summer love - although I do eat/drink them 
year round. To me, they are just happiness in a cup. My mom bought me a Ninja blender 
for my birthday and I've been making smoothies like a dream. Love it.

What makes your life good? I'd love to hear what makes your life great!


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